Durdham Downs
Skoke Road

Wednesday 4th to Sunday 15th October
(No performances on Tuesday 10th October)

Wednesday 4th 5pm & 7:45pm
Thursday 5th 5pm & 7:45pm
Friday 6th 5pm & 7:45pm
Saturday 7th 3pm & 6pm
Sunday 8th 2pm & 5pm
Monday 9th 5pm & 7:45pm
Tuesday 10th – no performances
Wednesday 11th 5pm & 7:45pm
Thursday 12th 5pm & 7:45pm
Friday 13th 5pm & 7:45pm
Saturday 14th 2pm & 5pm
Sunday 15th 2pm & 5pm

Box Office open 9am to 9pm from Monday 12th October
Car parking nearby