Loved loved loved it….went twice to see it in aberdeen…Im so very much in love with Pavel…omg he is fit!!! Also would love all the music from the show! Please make a cd!!!


Fantastic show… Mind blowing…

Jason Jackson

Moscow State Circus rocks and rules the world and is the coolest circus around, seen it twice, if it comes again to Stockport or Manchester again, I will book my tickets to see this brand new circus show production.

Lance Barber

Great show and website but why can’t I find the track list of music used for the show!?

Mike Ball

Those guys from Ukraine were so cool. I love them :*


I’ve been to the Circus four times now and I must say this year’s was much much better. I went to see the show on Saturday the 8th August in Dundee… All the effort you’ve put in was amazing. Am definitely going again!


I’ve never been to a Circus before, and I have to say I am amazed and so impressed, all the effort you all must have put in to the show, I will definitely go again! I went to see the show on Sunday 9th August 2009 in Dundee.

Katie Low

I went to the circus last night in Aberdeen and it was amazing even though it was my 5th time going! I thought the preformances the acrobats put on were very good and they are all strong have good balance and are flexible. I am a dancer and flexible. I thought it deserves a round of applause. Well done the Moscow State Circus.


I went to see the circus in Aberdeen. The routines became more complex as the show progressed. Absolutely breathtaking. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year. I had a huge crush on gorgeous clown with the red shoes. Sooooo cute!!.


It’s a good show. Been 4 times now in Aberdeen. Keep up the good work boys.

Wayne Clark

This circus is a big bundle of fun. I love that everyone comes together and puts on a great show. Everyone enjoyed it! Thumbs up.

Bob Jameson

We are going tonight and can’t wait to go. Hope it’s as good as last year because a lot of effort was put in 😉 xx.

Ayesha and Calum

I’m just back from the opening night of the Moscow State Circus in Aberdeen. What a fantastically entertaining show, pure brilliance and well worth two hours of anybody’s time. I thoroughly recommend it. It is a great show for all the family.


The show was fantastic. I saw it tonight in Aberdeen 23rd July. You guys are amazing. Well done to everyone. I will be coming to see you again before you go x


The show was amazing. I went to the one in Elgin. I would love to see it again! I went with my friend and she loves the clown :L the boys in the show were gorgeous… I love them all! I hope to see you next year. x


Absolutely amazing, inspiring and very impressive. Well done!


Hi, I took my daughters to the Inverness show yesterday,14th July. It was fantastic!! My girls were totally transfixed. I too had a great time, the whole show was brilliant. The dancers were a highlight for me!! See you again next year!!!

Philip Jones

I went to the circus in Greenock and it was amazing!! I want to book tickets before it leaves again!! There was a boy called Olexandre Kovtun in it, he did the Russian swing and juggling… he was amazing… I think he is absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could marry him. He is so cute… love you!!!


We have just been to the show in Inverness and it was really, really, really, really brilliantly amazing!


This new production of the Moscow State Circus is exceptional. The Russian Swing takes this type of act to a new level in comparison to what I have seen in many years. The crossbow is very different and dangerous to any similar act I have seen in the past. All the artistes gave the audience an exceptional performance of their skills. The whole production is well put together with Rasputin as the link. The producers of the show are to be commended with regards to the overall quality of this production. I saw the show at Stirling I look forward to seeing it again in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival.

Leslie Farwell

I have just retured from the Circus in Inverness. Wow, it was amazing!! My daughter loved it also and was lucky enough to get the apple that had been shot through earlier, she will not put it down. All the acts were flawless, special mention to the clowns ad of course Rasputin!!! Wonderful. Tempted to book tickets again before it leaves.


I went to see it tonight, was amazing! Every performer was very talented. Would be up for going to see it again!


I have just got home from seeing the show for the 2nd night in a row, it was amazing. My jaw was hitting the floor and my fingernails took a good bashing too!


I went and saw the circus tonight and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic and breathtaking. It was an amazing show and I would love to watch it again.


Great night and money well spent. They all put on a show not to be missed. You must see this to appreciate the time and effort these people put into there performances. There was no down side to the night but highlights were sky wheel (dangerous too) and the trapeze (skilful and they add some fun to it) the finale was very good (dangerous, skilful and very entertaining) but although those acts were my highlights the whole show was brilliant and very skilfully done. Thanks to ALL at the Moscow circus.


Just seen the circus tonight. Took my two-year-old boy and was a bit worried he wouldn’t sit but he loved it. Clapped and danced the whole time. Was a great show. Well done x


I took a day trip to Ayr yesterday with some friends and we decided to end the day by going to the Moscow state circus and it was incredible! Some bits were very creative and hilarious, other times my heart was leaping out of my chest. Amazing show and i will try and catch it again soon! My highlights were the Sky Wheel, Trapeze and finale.

Daniel Dickson

Watched the show tonight. It was amazing, I loved it. I used to be a gymnast and love everything like this, loved it, you are so lucky I would love to be part of something like this. Well done!


After looking at the new website which I must say looks great as does the Chinese State Circus’ website. I am very eager to see it again. I can’t wait until they tour the south in the following years to come. Good luck with the tour and great website!

Joe Quinlan

Absolutely fabulous! The best show I’ve seen on stage, will definitely be going to see this again. Congratulations for all your hard work in putting together a totally unique performance.


Just took my daughter to watch the show in Ipswich and we ended up going three times. And, she still asks me to go again. They are all absolutely amazing!

Oana Aitchison

I saw the show in Weymouth on Thursday, along with my 2 year old son. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and are planning to go and see it again in Oxford. The Moscow State Circus….Wow.

Rachel Hunt

Also saw show in Weymouth on Thursday. What a great performance.  Loose wire balancing was incredible, as was the cross bow act.  Over all a really excellent show, the best touring circus that I have ever seen in the Weymouth area.

Davy Sutton

I came to see the show last night in New Brighton, I thought it was amazing… a defo must see 🙂


I love you guys 🙂


Hey… I just fount out how to email you guys :’) I came to see you in Nottingham… On the Wednesday night and I loved it so much I came back again Saturday! I got taken up on stage as well! It was really funny and I loved it! Everybody there are so so talented and the clowns made my sides hurt I was laughing so much :’)! You guys really have inspierd me to join the circus… Yes it’s now my new dream! Hahaha…So yeah…Your doing a fantastic job! xxxxx

From: Chloe Davey:)

Took the whole family to see the show tonight in Wigan. The skill, choreography and coordination was brilliant . You guys are amazing. We will be coming again and are telling everyone we meet to go too.

From Karen

I went today and it was great it had a mix of everthing that a circus should have, also the use of music was great, Great preformers and i would go again next time it comes to Wigan.

From: Kieran Johnson

First circus I’ve ever been to and loved it! definitely going again, I had so much fun!

From: Edd

First my husband and I took our two daughters to see this show on Thursday 9th June in Lytham St Annes and it was absolutely brilliant. We have seen a few Circus perform but this was definitely the best by far – really enjoyed it!fun!

From: Claire Buttriss

You are only the second circus I’ve seen and I couldn’t take my eyes off you all. You were great. My daddy was very happy that I sat still and didn’t move. I want to join a circus when I grow up. I go to gymnastics and am really enjoying it, I’m not as good as you though yet. Thank you very much for coming to Workington. (my Mammy helped me write this, she couldn’t come though she had to watch my little sister.) Hope to see you again here soon so my mammy can come and watch you next time. Thank you. xx

Samuel Kelly aged 4

Took my son to the show last night it was just magical, well done xx

From: Donna

What stunning mesmerising artistry, skills, glamour and stage presence – unforgettable. I hope you will one day return to Workington with your unique circus magic!

From: Geoffrey Hall

My name is Matt I’m from Dundee, Scotland and I just wanted to say how much I loved the Moscow state circus!
I will be seeing the show 4 times in its time here in Dundee!

There is nothing I love more in this world than that of the entertainment industry and the Circus is something that is just everything to me! Grown up all I ever dreamt of was running away and being a part of a Circus and to this day, if I was giving the chance I would drop everything in my life to do so!

The Moscow State Circus is something I can’t get out of my heart, Russia to me is like a home, there isn’t a place I love more on this earth! I travel there every chance I get.

I just wanted to let you know that seeing this was just one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen!

From: Matthew

PLEASE MAKE A CD!!!!!!!!!! or a dvd

From: Matt

Please can you convey my thanks to the entire cast of the Moscow State Circus for a wonderful afternoon today watching them perform in Edinburgh. The show was fantastic In particular ACIKHANOV and also S.T.A.C.K.E.R.S

If I were to review the show I would say 5 Stars, must see……

From: Jo Freeman

The staff and young people at Linksfield Residential Service would like to thank you very much for your kind donation of 8 free tickets to the Moscow State Circus when you were in Aberdeen.

The young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great day out.

From: Elaine Winton

I love it. It was in Ripley Castle, I have been to and seen many circuses, e.g Big Kids Circus netherlands national, and Peter Jolly’s. It is one of the best, I hope to join one in the future to be a dancer or something like that, hopefully it will be in the next few years that I join one and I am gonna keep trying until i do. I have videos on YouTube of me dancing.

From: Zara

The show was absolutely fantastic! I went to see it in Newcastle and enjoyed every second!

From: Arianna

Having last night attended, with my partner, the evening performance of the State Circus, I had to write on behalf of the four of us (adults) who throughly enjoyed every minute of it.
ox office staff, who very decently helped us when presented with my partners disability to ringside seats, through to the backstage and crewing staff, through to the performers themselves. I took my brother and his partner who’d never been to see a circus show, and beleive it opened his eyes to both live performance and the beauty and elegance of the performing artists; as well as their outstanding acrobatic and gymnastic abilities.

I have personally worked in live theatre and accompanying industries for many years, but just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the show and would appreciate if this sentiment could be passed on to the performers and staff.

A wonderful night,

thank you.

From: Craig Lorraine Brett and Sheba

Fantastic show, my sons (11 and 5) had a great night. It was great to see both of them laugh so much. The fat man routine was amazing, as was the music box, and professor bucakov. A great night out. You must grab the chance to see this show, it was such a great night out. We will remember it for a long time….

From: Dominc (Stevenage)

Hi there, Hope everyone in the MSC team is well! Honestly the best show I have ever seen, I have a complete fascination with Russia and all its heritage, and to see this was a spectacular treat. I came to see the show three times in Dundee, Scotland, and it was as exciting each time as the last! You can really tell all the performers and everyone involved have really worked very, very hard to make the show so spectacular. Truly the greatest show I have seen! Thank you for all the effort you have put in! Matt xx P.S. The female juggler us completely breathtaking. She is so, so beautiful, haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since you were in Dundee in 2011.

From: Matt

Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! Amazing flips, cool ending, best circus I have EVER been to!

From: Luca Brazza and family

What can I say, such a brilliant show! Moscow State Circus really is the one circus that truly get’s it right. It’s so brilliant to see so much talent in one place, with all the performers smiling and interacting with the audience, and paying such great attention to little details makes the whole performance 100% outstanding. I only wish that you could stay in Brighton FOREVER!!!! Thank you so much for putting on such a fantastic show! 😀

From: Kayleigh Mcchambell

I loved it very much, you came to Bath and I just had to see it. Even though I live in Trowbridge, I travelled three times out of your five shows to come and see you, each time sitting ring side. The acts were amazing, and the energy was fantastic. I also enjoyed the music, it kept me dancing and entertained right the way through. I will be coming to see you again when you’re in Bristol. See you then 🙂

From: Emma Cox

Thanks to everyone for a great 5pm show on the 21st September. What a show, I will be going to see this circus again for sure. Thank you.

From: Paul

Loved the show, it was just great. The Russian women are deffo worth going to see ;), plus it’s bright and colourful. Kept me entertained, I will go again when they’re down in Harlington in Hertfordshire. Keep up the good work guys and girls.

From: Ed

WOW! I went to this circus in Leeds and it is absolutely amazing! So much hard work is put into making these productions and it pays off! Well worth it! I especially loved the male clown 😀 So funny! x ”MOSCOW MOSCOW du du du du du du du…”

From: Aisha Latif

I went to see the show at the Lowry this evening and let me just say what a fabulous evening it was.

From: Shane Orrom

Byla na shov “Babushkin Sekret”. Fantasticeskoe show, ochen rada. artisty molodcy, zamechatelnyj scenarij. V vostorge ot predstavlenija! Fantastic show, very happy would go again.

From: Albina


My family and I have just returned from a visit to watch the Moscow State Circus in Sefton Park, Liverpool and I just wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoyed it.

It was the first time at the circus for both the children and it was an excellent introduction for them. All of the acts were fantastic and we can’t wait for them to return next year as we would love to go again.

Kind regards

Chevonne Mackay

Morning Peter,

My name is Claire Simmo and I work on the breakfast show on Radio City. We featured your fantastic circus on one of our competitions a few weeks ago and you very kindly gave me 4 tickets to see this amazing show at Sefton Park which I used on Wednesday evening. I took my 2 children and my mum, and bought an extra ticket for my mother in law – so there really was a wide range of ages –I can honestly say that all of us thought it was the most amazing circus we have EVER seen. We arrived and we were shown to the best seats in the house and they were lovely to us and made us feel really special.

We have seen as a family a number of circuses over the years but I have never seen one as truly fantastic as this. Both my children said it was the best circus they had ever seen – and were literally left open mouthed at some of the acrobats. There were moments when you literally held your breath and we were all gasping – as were the rest of the audience at some of the displays. My sons highlight was of course the guy who juggled the footballs (and being an Evertonian it was the only time in my life you will ever find me cheering anyone in a Liverpool shirt!!!!!)., and my daughters was the roller blading and of course the fantastic costumes!!

I have told EVERYONE to make sure they see it before Sunday and I will definitely be going to see it again when you are in the northwest, and I’ll be honest, any other circus after this would be a huge disappointment as I couldn’t imagine them producing such a high quality show like this! Please pass this on to all the performers as we really were treated like royalty and it was a performance fit for a King !!! FANTASTIC!!! We were sat right by the swing at the end when they were jumping onto the “Slide” and it was breath taking!!!!
It was a night to remember and we will be talking about it for a long time, (even the toilets were spotless and of an extremely high standard) – and of course we couldn’t leave without buying my daughter Melodie some pink Russian dolls!!!!!


Wishing you the success you deserve with the rest of the tour

From: Claire

Just a quick note really to let you know that my daughter and I had our first circus experience tonight with you guys, and I wanted to let you know that we thought it was fantastic. We really loved it. I was not sure what to expect, but it surpassed expectations and was better than I thought it would be.

The acts were all fantastic, the interaction with the crowd was brilliant and everyone had a great time. I am a hairdresser in Shrewsbury, and I will be telling everyone to come and see your show. Thank you very much for such a great experience, and tell all the cast that they are all fantastic from us ! 🙂

Hopefully see you next time you come to Shrewsbury

Rebecca jones

Dear Moscow State Circus,

Just wanted to mention how much my young cousins and I enjoyed watching your show in Shrewsbury this weekend. I am eager to see what you bring to the West Midlands next year. Though it would be wonderful if you could consider doing a show in Telford as I work as a support worker to adults with additional needs and they would love to see your amazing shows.

Yours sincerly

Rebekah Robertshaw

What a fantastic circus, brilliant performers, amazing acts, with funnies in the middle, well worth taking the kids to just brilliant.

Alistair Arkinstall

Hi Alina,

It’s Sara the teacher who organised the large group booking to see the show yesterday. First and foremost can I say what a fabulous show it was! All children and parents were super impressed and thought it was a brilliant evening! At one point one of the children said to me ‘being in the circus is hard work’! I said ‘it certainly is!’ We were in awe of you all!

Secondly can I say a big ‘Thank You’ to you and the rest of the entrance staff for your super organisation of the tickets, and for ensuring it was a smooth and hassle free entrance for everyone. Thank you so much as I was really potentially quite stressed out about it, but you all made me it so easy and pleasant that I soon stopped worrying and all my parents were again impressed by how organised the whole event was. So thank you.

Finally, can I just confirm that the lady doing the hoop is OK? We were all very worried about her and I would like to explain to the children and parents what happened actually to her? I truly do hope she’s OK? The staff were so professional in carrying her off stage, and continuing the show after. I was so nervous for them in the second half but they are clearly true professionals
who take their job seriously.

Congratulations on an ‘awesome’ show as one of my kids called it. Please pass on my high regards to the rest of the company, and if you could let me know how the poorly lady was and what happened I would really appreciate it to feed back to my class on Monday.
Enjoy the rest of your run in Shrewsbury and where you may be next.

Thanks again

Sara Breeze

Had ring side seats in the best position.

Absolutely AMAZING night. What a show!

Thank you very much

Jill Caunce

Brillant show at shugborough. I went on friday 26th april 2013. It was an amazing show would love to see it again.


I am writing to thank you so much for the delightful evening which I enjoyed tremendously with my family at the recent visit of the circus to Sefton Park in Liverpool. We were the lucky winners in a draw for tickets organised by Mr. Alan Connan.

I can honestly say that this was my best ever visit to a circus which sought to entertain and welcome the audience so warmly in spite of the wintry weather outside the big top.

Every one of the performers were amazing and outstanding for their skill and courage to attempt and succeed in all their feats. It would be difficult to choose a favourite act, but I marvelled at the artist who juggled with so many footballs whilst travelling round the ring on a larger ball. Liverpool, being a football city, appreciated his skills obviously.

I felt every member of your circus team did their utmost to look after their audience so well from the moment we collected our tickets to enjoy all that was offered by your staff at every stall or entrance. Their courtesy and friendliness was much appreciated in making our evening quite memorable.

Please pass on our thanks to all your team.
Thank you

David Woods and family


I just wanted to say a big thank you to the MSC for their great performance in Cheltenham this weekend. I took the kids (aged 4 & 6 years old) along with grandad (87 years old) and we all had a fantastic time. You are all very talented people.

Many thanks

Jools Gala (Miss)

Thank you to all at Moscow State Circus for such massive entertainment. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the impression left on me regarding the skills and artistry I witnessed.
Spasibo snova


Tonights show in Workington was in a word… ace. Despite the opening night not having a full big top, the performers still gave 100%. I could not wait to get back to the MSC following its last visit to Workington. It did not let me down. Music, lights, jaw dropping stunts and of course, not forgetting Pavel!! Thank you for a great night. Don’t be suprised if I come again before you leave Workington. Come back soon.

Thanks all

Shaun McAllister

Please come back to Greenock in future! Loved your show immensely!


Went to see the show yesterday afternoon in Perth, Scotland. I went with my wife, daughter and two grandkids of 5 and 2. We were all transfixed by this brilliant show. A wonderful traditional circus with something for everyone and done with a tremendous amount of fun and professionalism, a rare and wonderful combination. All of the acts were great. I particularly liked the jugglers, trapeze artists and the football juggler. The kids were just mesmerised. This is a brilliant performance for all ages and I would like to thank you for such a great afternoon’s entertainment. Well done to all at the Moscow State.

Dave Steinbeck

Dear John,

Thank you so, so, much for bringing the Moscow State Circus to St Andrews (Scotland) and including it in the timetable. I took some others along to see the show yesterday and it was beyond amazing. None of us were disappointed and thoroughly enjoyed the show. I have always wanted to see the Moscow State Circus, you have made one lady very, very happy 🙂

Thanks again,

Kind regards, Carina Evans

Amazing, I want to go again! I wanna join the circus 🙂


First time witnessing such an amazing show (03-09-13 Harewood House). Absolutely blown away, will certainly be booking to see it again when you return to our area, can’t put it into words, outstanding. Thank you.

Andy Ward

We went to see the Moscow State Circus at Raby Castle on Friday. It was fantastic. The people were so kind and helpful. Our great grandfather comes from Russia and it made us feel so proud. The performers were brilliant and we couldn’t take our eyes off them. Thank you for giving us an afternoon to remember forever.

Amy (11) and Josh (9)

I went to see the show at Star City, Birmingham, tonight and can genuinely say it was one of the best circus performances I have seen. Great laugh and amazing performances by all acts! Made me want to run away and join the circus… Until I realised I was terrible at gymnastics and acrobatics ha ha. Loved it! Will definitely go again. 😀


One heck of a fantastic show from start to finish, every performer is brimming over with talent


Just spent a truly magical afternoon/evening watching the show in Bristol with my three children… Even better than it was two years ago, which is saying something! It’s impossible to pick a favourite act from so many outstandingly talented and fascinating choices; the entire performance is a masterpiece from start to end and I feel privileged to be able to see the kind of talent (and hard work!) that is on show at the Moscow State Circus. If my budget allowed, I’d certainly go again – and if anyone’s not sure whether to go or not, don’t think twice: you will definitely not regret it! An unforgettable and truly breathtaking day/evening out for the entire family.

Eleanor Smith